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Transportation Services

Welcome to Stafford County Public Schools' Transportation Services Department, where ensuring the safe transit of our most precious cargo – our students – is our paramount commitment.

Pupil transportation safety is a shared responsibility between the Stafford County School Board and the Virginia Department of Education. The School Board establishes local transportation policies and manages staff employment, while the Virginia Department of Education ensures compliance with state laws, regulations, and procedures governing the safe transport of public school pupils.

At our Transportation Services Department, we take pride in administering a comprehensive pupil transportation safety program for Stafford County Public Schools. Daily, we transport over 19,000 students across 277 square miles, spanning 33 schools and centers. Additionally, we facilitate the transportation of out-of-division students with special needs, covering routes from the Washington, DC border to Richmond. Our services extend beyond home-to-school transit, encompassing field and athletic trips, late (activity) bus shuttles, and other essential transportation to support the academic achievement of our students.

With a fleet of 306 school buses, nine multi-function school activity buses (MFSAB), and eight transportation administrative support vehicles, we collectively cover over 27,500 miles daily – amounting to approximately 4.8 million miles annually.


Our aspiration is to set the standard for pupil transportation programs in Virginia and across the nation. Through student-focused, standards-based transportation services, we strive to enrich the educational experience for our students, schools, and community.


Our mission is crystal clear: to provide safe and efficient school bus transportation for all eligible students within Stafford County Public Schools. We are dedicated to ensuring a secure and reliable transit experience, fostering an environment that supports our students' educational journey.